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Top Important Skills for Effective Communication

Do you want to become an influential leader? Well, you should master communication skills.

As a leader, having the best communication skills is essential to your productivity and how you relate with others.

Good leaders get defined by their relation to colleagues and how they communicate with them.

Here are the skills you need to learn to work on your communication

Important Skills for Effective Communication

1. Listening

Listening is a communication skill you as a leader should master. How can you speak if you do not understand the person to whom you converse?

You can only convey relevant information once you have learned what your listener needs. Listening to your employees will help you know the right message to pass.

2. Straight talking

A conversation is a basis of communication. One-on-one chatting with colleagues of employees is essential for you as a leader.

Think of it as creating trust and a safe space for them to approach you in case of any issue. Your employees’ feedback will help you have better communication skills.

3. Nonverbal cues

Leadership communication skills comprise nonverbal cues. Non-verbal communication is the use of body language to communicate.

Non-verbal cues reinforce the importance of what you are trying to communicate. Gestures such as hand movements, smiling, squinting and, direct eye contact is examples of this type of communication.

5. Stress Management

As a leader, you should be composed. In a case where you are stressed, you ought to be careful with your communication.

You want to relay the intended message and not let external issues interfere with your skills.

Stress can make you say things you did not intend to or hear something wrong. If you do not manage it, it can deter the process of communication.

5. Emotion Control

To have the best communication skills that fit a leader, you have to keep your emotions in check.

A good leader knows how to separate emotions from reality at work when speaking. One wrong word you utter can ruin what you have built for ages.

It is not just the negative emotions you should control to have good communication skills. Imagine smiling while telling your employee about sad news like being laid off.

Express composed and appropriate emotions during appropriate times.

Remember, a good communicator listens, controls stress and emotions, handles conversations, and uses appropriate non-verbal cues.

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