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Kimisitu Sacco FOSA Manager Job

As a FOSA Manager, you will be responsible for all aspects of FOSA business to deliver business growth through offering attractive products and effectively manage operations to ensure customer satisfaction while meeting internal and regulatory compliance requirements. You will also be responsible for overall FOSA business as a stand-alone profit center.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement, and execute strategic marketing plans for the FOSA in order to attract potential members and retain existing ones.
  • Prepare and coordinate the implementation of the FOSA marketing plan to meet the set Business Growth targets.
  • Conduct market research on new products and services including competitor activity with a view to identifying emerging needs / demands and gauge member satisfaction and recommend changes to products and services.
  • Monitor member satisfaction and ensure that customer’s suggestions, complaints, views, and compliments are recorded and addressed.
  • Prepare monthly report on product / services consumption and advice C.E.O on the effectiveness of the FOSA business growth strategy
  • Supervise FOSA activities to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the utilization of FOSA assets and funds. 
  • Update, Implement and Monitor Society’s policies at the FOSA level by updating, developing new and implementing procedures and processes for the smooth running of FOSA operations.  
  • Advise Credit committee on the Credit Risk and other aspects of the FOSA business.  
  • Prepare reports such as reconciliation of various ledgers, overdrawn accounts, liquidity reports, gross interest margin, deposit growth projections, opened, dormant and closed accounts, maturing dates of deposits and product performance, etc. 
  • Maintain updated records of the FOSA assets and liabilities by maintaining an updated inventory. 
  • Act as Primary Custodian to the strong room.  
  • Treasury management 
  • Guide, train, mentor and motivate FOSA staff to deliver on the approved strategic plan and targets.  
  • Analyze employee job performance against plans, business results against targets and take the necessary action on variances.  
  • Develop staff management plans which include leave rooster, training schedule, marketing plans, staff rotation and succession plans for the FOSA. 
  • Ensure full Regulatory and Internal Compliance 
  • Ensure that the FOSA observes liquidity and cash ratios, and that adequate level of cash is maintained. 
  • Monitor FOSA operations in accordance with the Operations Manual and takes timely corrective action where deviations are noted 
  • Identify any irregularity such as: forgery, fraud, theft, cash difference, cash misappropriation and staff misbehavior in the FOSA and take appropriate action in liaison with the Human Resource Manager. 
  • Perform such other duties as may be directed to perform by the C.E.O. 

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University. Preferably in Business related course – Commerce, Finance or Economics
  • Diploma in Co-operative Management, Marketing or its equivalent will be an added advantage
  • Experience working with an ERP system preferred.
  • Eight 8 (+) years’ proven relevant experience at a Managerial level in a Financial Institution.
  • CPA (K) or its equivalent will be an added advantage
  • Proficiency in computer skills

Personal Attributes:

  • Passionate about Sales & Marketing
  • Good Interpersonal, Communication and negotiation skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills.
  • A person of integrity and a team player
  • Strong analytical skills and data-driven
  • Good Reporting skills

Key Relationships:

Direct Reports to this Role:

  • FOSA Accountant
  • FOSA Teller

Internal Contacts:

  • All departments

External Contacts:

  • Members
  • Regulators

How to Apply

Interested candidates meeting the above requirements should apply online, by clicking this link to fill in the application form The application form must be completed. Incomplete forms will be disqualified.

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