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Fire Truck Driver Job At Kenya Red Cross Society

Reporting to the Logistics Officer, the Fire Truck driver will be responsible for driving the fire truck to and from the site of a fire safely, ensuring all crew and equipment make it to the scene, performing safety and mechanical checks on the engine and attached equipment every morning, they will also drive heavy trucks, vehicles with designated locations as may be advised from time to time.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Driving and operating the fire and rescue apparatus to the emergency scene Safely and efficiently at all times
  • Undertake routine and preventive maintenance of truck and or any allocated vehicle  by checking and topping-up the level of petrol, oil, water, battery electrodes and tyre pressure before operating the vehicle.
  • Making routine daily checks and inspection of the fire engine to ensure it is in sound mechanical condition and  is ready to use at all times
  • Ensuring general routine maintenance of the fire engine and equipment in line with the manufacturer’s manual / specifications.
  • Reporting any malfunctioning of the vehicle/fire engine systems
  • Driving/operating the fire engine as authorized.
  • Ensuring security and safety of the fire engine on and off the road
  • Responding to fire and emergency calls in order to prevent and/or minimize loss of life, property or injury.
  • Operating the fire engine pumps and other fire/rescue apparatus safely and efficiently
  • Regularly clean and polish the truck, change tyres as well as make minor repairs or adjustments.
  • Drive motor vehicle (car and van) to transport staff, partners, clients and others to designated locations as required and approved.
  • Load and offload, goods and other material supplies with due regard to the safety of other people, as well ties rope around items to secure cargo for transport.
  • Maintain radio or telephone contact with base or supervisor to receive instructions or be dispatched to new location.
  • Observe traffic and safety precautions, motor vehicle accident and traffic violations. In addition, undertakes first aid in case of accidents
  • Requisition for petrol, lubricants and spare parts and maintaining a record accounting for the same.
  • Maintain records of motor vehicle’s daily activity showing journey, mileage, consumables and signature of authorizing officer
  • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Key Competencies

  • Ability to follow detailed oral and written instructions as well as interpret and follow operating manuals and maintenance manuals.
  • Must demonstrate 20/40 vision in each eye and hearing capability without the use of hearing aid.
  • Knowledge of the country’s road network including motorised routes in both urban and rural areas as well as Ability to interpret road maps and rough hand drawn sketches
  • Demonstrated knowledge of first-aid applications including ability to carry patients on stretchers, and load stretchers into ambulances
  • Ability to interpret and comply with safety codes, traffic rules, regulations, and safe operating practices.
  • Ability to perform safety inspections, recognize and report mechanical problems, perform preventive maintenance check (oil, and all fluid levels, tire pressure) etc.
  • Ability to operate vehicles in severe weather conditions, in mountainous areas or on rough steep terrain and loose surfaces such as sand, gravel or mud.
  • Ability to report facts concerning accidents or emergencies to hospital personnel or law enforcement officials
  • Ability to load/offload heavy goods, interpret all vouchers, bill of laden, invoices to ensure proper handling and distribution of supplies and materials transported.
  • Ability to meet time schedules and deadlines and complete tasks without jeopardizing safety or integrity of work.
  • Ability to operate vehicles at night and at times in reduced visibility from heavy and blowing rain.
  • Ability to manoeuvre vehicle in tight spaces, judging distance in congested and confined positions


  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (“O” Level) with a pass in English and Kiswahili Languages
  • Motor-Vehicle Trade Test Certificate plus valid Driving Licence Class B, C, E
  • Over five (5) years relevant experience driving heavy commercial and articulated vehicles with trailers
  • Must have handle special cargo vehicle for at least three years.
  • Three years’ experience of operating a Fire Truck/Engine.

How to Apply

Interested candidates who meet the above qualifications should apply strictly through so as to reach us not later than 12th November 2021;

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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